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I’ve always been obsessed with makeup so I naturally had to follow my passion when given the chance to work for a Romanian TV station as a makeup artist back in 1998.

As a young girl growing up in Ceausescu's Romania, pursuing bigger dreams was as unrealistic as a grocery store fully stocked with bread and butter. But, armed with the ambition and fearlessness of a 22 year old, I boarded a plane to the US with a one-way ticket and $50 in my pocket.

I was a struggling artist living in Brooklyn and working at Sephora in Columbus Circle, all while slowly building my portfolio and perfecting my craft with some of the best photographers and models in the industry. And, in 2010, I felt as though I reached the apex of my career when the prestigious agency The Wall Group invited me to join their talented roster of artists.

As fate would have it, however, my stint at the top was short lived. In 2012, I followed my heart to Miami, choosing to build a family and rebuild my career in the Sunshine State. Thankfully, my passion for makeup is untethered and the weather outside is sunny :).

Throughout my career spanning over 2 decades, I've often been asked by my clients to recommend key products for touchups. To address this growing demand, I created a bundle of essential items that are universal and easy to use. I named it NOBA BOX after my two daughters, Noa and Bar.

What's in THE BOX?
What's in THE BOX?
What's in THE BOX?
What's in THE BOX?
What's in THE BOX?

What's in THE BOX?

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You get 5 products: 

  • The Better Lash 
  • Charcoal Blotting Papers
  • Lip Gloss (pick your shade)
  • Lip Liner (pick your shade) 
  • Gift curated by Daniela 

    Lip Gloss Color
    Lip Liner Color
    The Better Lash


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